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If you are in or near or can get to Sydney, NSW, AU this Friday (the 15th), I would love to meet up with you! I am staying near the Circular Quay in the downtown Sydney area.

If you're interested, please comment! If you have any suggestions on places for a (suspected to be) small group to get dinner and hang out for a while, I'd welcome that, too.


2010-01-13 08:55 (UTC)
by [personal profile] puzzlement
Gosh, I would, but I'll be 5 days overdue with my pregnancy: not a state for committing to things. (Would also have been at LCA if it weren't for that.)

The Australian Hotel might be a good choice as long as attendees are meatatarian or vegetarian without stricter diet needs. There's a little parlour room on the ground floor which you may be able to get them to set aside for a smallish group.

I'd be happy to meet up

2010-01-14 06:47 (UTC)
by [personal profile] adamk
We stole a lot of the ideas for the Padre community model from Dreamwidth, so I'd love to meet up and compare notes. I'm about 10 minutes from where you are staying, so I can make it just about anywhere.

You might want to send off a quick email to the Sydney Perl Mongers and see if any of them would like to come along as well. They'll usually turn out to drink with visitors.

Mail me at once you are in town, and there's a plan for a meeting place.

Re: I'd be happy to meet up

2010-01-15 08:22 (UTC)
by [personal profile] adamk
Couldn't seem to contact you, but it sounds like you're a teeeensy bit busy at the moment.

Another time. :)

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