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This is a big one, due in no small part to [github.com profile] pinterface, new to Dreamwidth volunteering and coding up a storm. I've gotta say. A very warm welcome also to [github.com profile] dfabulich, who I am pretty sure is also featured in a code tour for the first time!

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40 total issues resolved
Contributors: [github.com profile] cesy, [github.com profile] chrisboyle, [github.com profile] dfabulich, [github.com profile] kaberett, [github.com profile] kareila, [github.com profile] me-and, [github.com profile] pinterface, [github.com profile] rahaeli, [github.com profile] zorkian

(... I swear I am never going six weeks between code tours again, I am NICE and DON'T DESERVE THIS...)

Curious About Testing

19 May 2016 09:34
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Hi everyone. With today being Global Accessibility Awareness Day, I'm curious whether anybody has tested either the main Dw site or their own journals and/or communities with Wave or any of the other automated tools out there? I don't know enough of the technical details of these tools, but based on my personal use case scenario Dw works great. To that end, I'm also curious whether people here prefer the automated testing tools, manual testing or a combination of both. Sorry if this is a repeat.
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Someone reported that the alt text for icons on the /icons page (for instance, https://denise.dreamwidth.org/icons) is behaving weirdly and labeling every image as "(Default)" when viewed. A bit of investigation has turned up that it has to do with how the function that generates the alt text is called -- it does weird things when it's not called in the context of a comment/post.

The coder who ran down the issue is looking for some guidance on how things should work to fix the problem, and one of the questions raised was: is the alt text even necessary in that context? Alt text for icons is formed by the icon's keyword + description, and all that information is right there with the icon anyway: it's displayed next to the icon, and (if I'm not mistaken) is read out immediately after the icon.

So, screenreader users: Is having the alt text for each icon read to you on that page helpful, given that it's immediately repeated afterwards, or is it annoying? Should we fix the bug so that each icon gets the correct keyword information in the alt text, or should we just blank the alt text (on that page alone, not everywhere!) so you don't have to hear it twice?
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... with one new issue, for a total of fourteen unclaimed issues (that number has indeed gone down since last time :D).

As ever, please say if anything looks interesting to you, and please do ask for cheerleading or help!

Question thread #42

16 May 2016 02:12
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It's time for another question thread!

The rules:

- You may ask any dev-related question you have in a comment. (It doesn't even need to be about Dreamwidth, although if it involves a language/library/framework/database Dreamwidth doesn't use, you will probably get answers pointing that out and suggesting a better place to ask.)
- You may also answer any question, using the guidelines given in To Answer, Or Not To Answer and in this comment thread.

Volunteer social thread #57

16 May 2016 02:03
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I'm poking at an old perl module.

What have y'all been up to?
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[personal profile] cesy has just been tripped up by my pull request #1751: she updated dw-free but not dw-nonfree, and as a consequence Apache wouldn't start. This suggests that you may need to update -nonfree at this point regardless of whether you actually use it; here are the instructions.

Contributor weekend!

14 May 2016 11:41
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Hi folk,

The May contributor weekend is underway. Feel free to show up in person if you're local and at a loose end, or hop onto IRC and say hi :-)

We can also do Skype sessions for telecommuting!
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The present config system is ... non-ideal. It should be better.

Problems / Pain Points

The existing config system is all-or-nothing: if you want to tweak one thing in config.pl—$USE_ACCT_CODES or @SCHEMES, say—you have to copy the entire thing, and will no longer get tweaks made to the base config.

As you might imagine, this makes upgrading painful. "Oh, they added an option and ... now it's all broken because I don't set it."

The existing config system also fails to compose. While it loads three config files—config-private.pl, config-local.pl, and config.pl—it only loads one of each. If you clone, say, dw-nonfree into ext/, it will load config-local.pl from that. Unless you already have your own config-local.pl in ext/local, in which case it won't use nonfree's at all. So even though you only wanted to make one or two changes over the baseline, now you're stuck merging all three config-local.pl files manually.

And just forget about adding bobs-awesome-dw-plugin. I don't know if anything beyond dw-nonfree exists, but hey, maybe at some point.

It also brings up the question of what config variable goes into which file? @SCHEMES and @LANGS are pretty darned site-specific, but they're in config.pl. $HOME is set to the LJHOME env variable in config-local.pl, but when are you ever going to change that? (In fact, things are likely to break if you ever did!)

Good Things

One of the nice things about the existing config system is that it is pure Perl, bringing with it all the flexibility that provides. (Though some might argue that a turing-complete configuration file is also a drawback.)



Let's move to a Debian-style conf-available/conf-enabled split system, where all config files are loaded, and then merged.

Technical Details

Directory Structure

Similar to the existing structure, except the provided config files would be placed into directories called something like "conf-available" or "conf.d". Config files would be loaded, in lexicographical order, from a single "conf-enabled" directory, which is populated with symlinks to the actual config files.

  • etc/conf-available/
    • private.example.pl
    • local.example.pl
    • defaults.pl
    • down-for-maintenance.pl
    • schemes.pl
  • ext/local/conf-available/
    • private.pl
    • local.pl
  • ext/dw-nonfree/conf-available/
    • nonfree.pl
    • schemes.pl
  • etc/conf-enabled/
    • 00-private.pl → $LJHOME/ext/local/conf-available/private.pl
    • 10-local.pl → $LJHOME/ext/local/conf-available/local.pl
    • 50-nonfree.pl → $LJHOME/ext/dw-nonfree/conf-available/nonfree.pl
    • 50-free-schemes.pl → $LJHOME/etc/conf-available/schemes.pl
    • 50-nonfree-schemes.pl → $LJHOME/ext/dw-nonfree/conf-available/schemes.pl
    • 90-defaults.pl → $LJHOME/etc/conf-available/defaults.pl

Config Files

Config files would each return a hash of values. It would be the responsibility of the config system to merge them all together appropriately. Essentially, this would be done in the same manner as used by Config::FromHash. However, because a number of config values are defaulted using prior values, it would be necessary to provide a dynamically-scoped variable containing the config-as-loaded-thus-far, to support that (hopefully that will be made clear by the examples).

# ext/local/conf-available/private.pl
    DOMAIN => "example.dreamhack.net",
    DBINFO => {
        # ...
    # ...
# ext/local/conf-available/local.pl
    IS_DEV_SERVER => 1,
    SITENAME => "My Awesome DW Site",
    # ...
# ext/dw-nonfree/conf-available/schemes.pl

use DW::Config::FromHash qw( $CONF );

# Manually append schemes
    { scheme => 'neato', 'title' => 'Neato' },
    # ...

    # ...
    # Or, a potentially abstracted way to add things
    add_SCHEMES => [
        { scheme => 'neato', 'title' => 'Neato' },
    # ...
# etc/conf-available/defaults.pl

use DW::Config::FromHash qw( $CONF );

my $www = "www.{$CONF->{DOMAIN}}";
    DOMAIN_WEB => $www,
    SITEROOT => "http://$www",
    # ...

Merging, and Post-Merge

As mentioned, the config files would be loaded and merged in a manner similar—if not entirely identical—to Config::FromHash.

After the config files are loaded and merged, it would be the responsibility of the Config system to populate all of the appropriate variables in the LJ and DW packages.


Much simpler to use! You can create a file to override a single value and re-use the existing configuration for everything else. And it works more like you'd expect if you're used to conf.d directories.

Easier manual testing. While automated tests are obviously best, if you need to test something works without and without X service, you can add and remove a symlink to a conf file enabling that service, restart apache, and poke at things.

Paves the way for better support of plopping things into ext/ and having it work. No more "copy these config values into your existing file", just symlink and go.


Harder to fully comprehend. It's more files floating around, more state to keep track of (-available, -enabled, symlinks galore!).

It's dramatically different, and converting an existing installation would be a pain. (But see below.)

Config reloading (see start_request_reload in Config.pm) is more involved. Far more files to stat, and a lot more work to reload them all. One possibility would be to drop config reloading: how often are config changes made that don't involve a code change that would necessitate restarting apache anyway? ($SERVER_DOWN maybe? But that could easily be converted into a flag file check.)

Not Breaking Existing Installations

It would be preferable to avoid breaking existing installations. I think this is possible: after performing the above, follow that up by running the current config system. While that does mean having multiple config systems running, it gives people time to migrate at their leisure, rather than breaking things immediately.

After some time with the new system, we could then add deprecation notices in the event the old system is still in use. After sufficient time has passed, we could then eliminate it entirely.

Or, we could treat it like ripping off a band-aid and break things and be all "hey, sorry about the one-time pain but we're eliminating the smaller pains you almost never have anyway because really how often do we change these things?".

Why Not Just //= Everything?

One thing you might be thinking is "Well, why not just //= everything in the default config*.pl files?

That's definitely much easier to implement! And it brings with it many of the same benefits—people could simply add their overrides to config-local.pl or config-private.pl and never need to create or edit a config.pl (4f8258a does that for @LANGS, it's totally viable).

One of the drawbacks of that approach is that it requires a developer updating the default config*.pl files to never make a mistake. Accidentally used = instead? Tried to use //= to set a list, even though //= only works for scalars? Well, now things are quietly broken in other people's installs. By automating the merge behavior, we can largely avoid that. Whether the additional complication of a split config brings enough benefits over conditional sets to be worthwhile is another matter.

Thoughts? Questions? Alternative proposals?

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