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So my pull request re posting notifications of new Dreamwidth entries to Twitter got reviewed, and has comments that need to be addressed. However, I don't have time or headspace to devote to DW dev work at the moment, so if this is going to make it in before it bitrots completely, it would probably be best if somebody else took it on. This leads to two questions,
  1. Anybody want to take this on? I think it's mostly there, but needs tweaking as per comments. And probably some fairly thorough re-testing, since things may have changed with Twitter and Net::Twitter since I wrote it 18 months ago.
  2. More generally, what should I do in this scenario? Is there some way in which I can unassign myself from the PR? (I'm not sure that there even is an Issue to unassign myself from; I did this work while we were in bugzilla)
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The workflow given in http://wiki.dreamwidth.net/wiki/index.php/Routing_and_Template_Cookbook:_BML_Conversion_Workflow doesn't indicate what to do when you find yourself in the presence of a widget, like for htdocs/support/submit.bml. Some questions an addition could cover:
- Can/Should I use the widget itself directly in a controller?
- Which parts of the widget need to go where?
- When is it safe to get rid of the widget itself? (eg, how do I know it's not used anywhere else)

I probably forgot some questions/issues. Discuss here and I'll try to summarize to the wiki?


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