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system updates

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Today has been slow, I've been doing system updates on the production stack. Taking machines out gracefully so nothing misses them and the site doesn't melt down, upgrading them, rebooting them, verifying them, and putting them back in ... very exciting.

I still have to do the more exciting ones. Search will have to go offline for 10 minutes because we don't have two machines running that service. I also can't do the primary load balancer or the master database without taking a downtime, so I'll have to schedule that. But most of the other things I can get done pretty quickly and painlessly.

We're not running anything so close to the edge that I'm worried about system updates messing up our performance. I also did the updates on one test webserver last night and let it run for a while: nobody complained of any weirdness, so nothing untoward seems to have happened in the upgrades.

I'm going to start asking people to upgrade their development environments to Karmic, too, and see how that does. I'm in no hurry to update the production environment, but since we're not running LTS I want to try to make sure we don't end up on archaic unsupported security-hole-ridden versions of things...

Okay, sb-web03 has come back, time to go continue the parade.
09.12.2009 07:41 am (UTC)

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I hope you're still enjoying being employed full time - thanks for all your hard work, though I guess now we also say thanks with our money :o)