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data gathering (Reply)

[staff profile] mark
Anybody feel like going through the comments to this post:


I want a summary of features requested, features demanded, and how many people want them. If ten users say "I absolutely must have pink dingos" then that should be noted. Basically, a priority list of what people want, sorted by number of people and the feature itself.

If you want to take this on, just leave a comment saying so! I'm hoping to have the data in the next week or so. Thanks. :)


PS, and also, Merry Christmas! I hope all of you have a wonderful day, whether you celebrate this particular holiday or not.

PPS, over the past 2 months, Dreamwidth has averaged 5,611 posts-per-day. Just going based on the number of documents being indexed by our search system. We're up over 7.4 million posts being indexed right now. (Not all of these are public, of course! But we index most posts.)
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