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16.02.2009 05:54 pm


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Okay, so I've spent a few hours today messing around with our Perlbal configuration so I can get it working with a static domain (s.dreamwidth.org) as well as with the $LJ::CONCAT_RES option.  I've finally managed to get it all working.  I ran into a few problems along the way and broke the site a few times, ended up having to revert everything to figure out why it was broken.  But I got it.

The net result is a rather large perlbal config file.  But now it works, and we should have some better performance out of the site.  (Not that performance is a problem right now, but it's preparatory for when we have more users.)

Update: Janine has discovered a flaw in this plan!  Nav strip is wonky because it uses a -local.css file that we don't have, which causes Perlbal to go "oh noes!" and kick the whole thing in the nads.  On it.