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20.02.2013 03:54 am (UTC)

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Posted by [personal profile] desh
Oh, and [staff profile] denise, I'm pretty sure that running servers on Shabbat is rather universally accepted, unless you venture into the fringes of the Jewish world that would call computers and/or the internet forbidden in general, Shabbat or no. Where it could get complicated (among folks who make and follow these rulings) is having non-Jewish employees be responsible for emergency server maintenance on Shabbat. But even in that case, I bet many would say it's fine as long as the employees are not Jewish, and are responsible for emergency maintenance throughout the week, whenever it's needed, not specifically just on Shabbat.

Somewhat relatedly, I recently read a ruling addressing the idea of owning stock for a business that does work on Shabbat (i.e. most businesses). Because owning stock is like owning the business, right?

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