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Disclaimer: not Jewish here, but I have been on the fringes of a good helping of discussions of this sort of thing. And the answer is probably going to vary depending on who you ask, on the grounds that debate is a cultural sport. :D

Where you'd get into trouble, I think, would be stuff like cronjobs where you know what's going to happen at what time, because that's directly causing work to be done on the Sabbath. (One does not ask/tell the Shabbos goy to do a thing, one hints that it might be nice to have a cup of tea or whatever, and waits for them to pick up on it.) Same with automation -- if you set up something to automatically reboot the server or pull some stats in the middle of the Sabbath, even if you're performing the setup on another day, the work's still being done and thus not on. However, there's a particular subset of tech specializing in introducing an unpredictable delay into electrical switches, such that pushing the button won't immediately cause work to be done.
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