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The State of Mark: Dreamwidth

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Something I've been meaning to write about, but there's never really a good time, so hey.

One of the best things about building a really awesome foundation on something is that, eventually, you can take a step back and let things continue to go and grow and feel entirely confident that things aren't going to go off the rails without you. Over the past six months I've been reducing my role on Dreamwidth and am recently at the point where I'm really not doing a lot on the site day to day.

I'm still helping out when really needed and I will continue to make myself available for middle-of-the-night site breakages and other problems that need immediate redress. However, I am not taking an active role in the management or development of the project on a day-to-day basis. For any of that, you should talk to [staff profile] denise and/or [personal profile] fu. They're awesome and I have complete confidence in the future of Dreamwidth with them at the helm.

I think that's the salient part.
14.09.2010 07:04 pm (UTC)

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I've commented in news but I've realized it wasn't fair to speak to your directly.
I'll be honest because I'm always painfully so: I've been very disappointed with the way this announcement has been made. I expected it from you, in news, when you took the other job and not months later. I expected answers to questions your users might have, about your new role, about who's doing what now, about how this changed things or didn't, about the status of the things you used to work on (or still do, I dunno). I expected you would talk to volunteers involved in development some way and explain why things had gotten much slower and why patches stayed in the queue for weeks (some are still there, I believe, because nobody can or wants to review them) and why things may have gotten a little tense. I didn't expected concerns being minimized, and things mentioned in passing as if it wasn't a big deal and our concerns weren't valid. That's what LJ has gotten us used to. Not DW. And the more I read about this in entries and comments here and there, the more disappointed I get. I wish I had something positive to say. I've actually stared at this entry for several minutes trying to come up with something but I couldn't. I'm just very, very disappointed.