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01.01.2012 12:45 am (UTC)

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intermezzo: (ILY)
Posted by [personal profile] intermezzo
I had no doubts you guys had everything under control. DW loaded pages a bit slower for me a few hours ago, but it's all back to normal now. So honestly, I don't think you could have made more than what you did. Thanks for everything! ♥

Also? IDK how you do it, Mark, but when you explain things, I understand everything! *___*

Uh, I actually have a question about the importer (mind you, it's not really important, but I'm curious). Say I'm importing a community. If I hit the 'refresh' link, I'm taken back to the importer "main" page, and my main journal is selected. To actually see the status of the import, I need to re-select the comm I'm importing. Is that supposed to happen? I mean, it's no trouble at all to just click a couple of times to get to the import status, but iirc when I hit refresh and I'm re-importing content to my main journal, the import status page stays put.
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