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Posted by [staff profile] mark
[staff profile] denise manages the books, but last time I checked (a month or so ago), we had over six months of "war chest" built up. I.e., if we stopped taking in any money at all, we had six months of capital on hand in the bank to keep things running until we could sort out what was wrong.

The additional servers increase our server cost some -- we've added about $1,500/month of servers -- but our monthly spend is probably just around $10,000/month to run everything right now. Fiscally speaking, it basically comes down to -- if we have a lot of usage, and the percentage of paid accounts stays where it is now, we can afford to run things no problem. If the usage goes down, then the number of servers and such we need goes down as well, so we can scale back our monthly costs.

In reality we can scale back the monthly costs quite a bit. Right now we pay a little bit each month to make sure that I'm not the only person available if stuff breaks (all hail [personal profile] alierak!) and of course we pay [personal profile] fu (this is her full-time job!) and we also are able to pay [staff profile] denise a little bit, too. It's not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things but it allows us to make sure we have people taking care of the site around the clock.
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