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24.02.2012 06:02 am (UTC)

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No, none of that stuff. Just these, where it says right there to namedrop and "wank" about people and things relating to RP, typically. It's all about ruining people's reputations, or spreading rumors about the games/characters they play in RP. I'm not talking about a post where people discuss "boy I hate Windows Vista, let's talk about why that operating system sucks!" or a community where people disagree with an opinion about music or movies or even a whole fandom.

I'm explaining a trend that we in RP fandom know far better because it's been going on in RP for several years now on LJ. It's not mature, it's not polite, and it's not about neutral topics. It's about destroying people's privacy, digging into people's personal lives, and stirring up rumors and hatred against people they don't like.

Obviously it's a case-by-case basis even then, to your discretion. But you have to understand that we're not talking about the same thing. You're thinking from the perspective that these hate memes I'm talking about cover multiple topics or extend to anything beyond just hurting people. If those exist I have never seen one in my life. These memes, like [personal profile] anticirclejerk are just to namedrop people and games and then say bad things about them, spread rumors, share personal information, etc.

I am not talking about someone making a post that says "HATE MEME" and then it's a meme where people whine about politics or movies or anything like that. The definition I am describing is one where it's only about harassing users and rallying people against them.
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