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I was curious about where most of our traffic goes, so I did some stats. This is for the last three or four days (it varies depending on the log files) across our cluster. Note that this only includes things that have hit the webservers. It does not count things that Varnish cached or were static files.

29,135,500   www.dreamwidth.org
 1,122,400   [community profile] scans_daily
   827,666   embedded.dreamwidth.net
   767,377   [community profile] bakerstreet
   445,788   [community profile] rpanons
   392,543   [community profile] hms_anon
   322,810   [community profile] the_love_hotel
   292,852   [community profile] thusia
   264,786   [community profile] dear_mun
   242,286   [community profile] love_hotel_ooc
   181,043   [community profile] paradisa
   180,401   [community profile] cfud
   169,774   [personal profile] anonies
   152,557   [community profile] aather
   150,883   [community profile] lucetilogs
   148,665   [community profile] asgardeventide
   144,921   [community profile] mayfield_rpg
   137,290   [personal profile] anticirclejerk
   136,709   [community profile] ontd_bl
   135,351   [personal profile] gleeme
   121,760   [personal profile] levkonoe
   115,834   [community profile] capeandcowl
   113,491   [community profile] adstringendum
   111,850   [personal profile] sam_storyteller
   110,461   [community profile] gargleblasted
   103,715   [community profile] sirenspull
    99,958   [community profile] singularityrpg
    80,013   [community profile] dramadramaduck
    79,149   [community profile] poly_chromatic
    77,251   [community profile] abaxcity
    76,977   [community profile] amatomnes
    76,555   [community profile] t_and_b_anon
    73,452   [community profile] capeandcowllogs
    73,255   [community profile] caughtinanetwork
    72,669   [personal profile] thefourthvine
    70,014   [community profile] grimm_kink
    68,830   [community profile] club_crimsyn
    68,332   [personal profile] dangermousie
    67,260   [personal profile] oxoniensis
    63,870   [personal profile] bioanonnies
    62,950   [community profile] the_blank_slate
    61,118   [community profile] asgardmeridiem
    59,689   [community profile] roleplaysecrets
    57,807   [community profile] singularitylogs
    57,684   [personal profile] blurts
    56,238   [community profile] exitvoid
    56,140   [community profile] soul_campaign
    55,088   [community profile] languished
    54,082   [personal profile] firecat
    53,026   dreamwidth.org

As expected, the main site (which hosts userpics too) is on top by a lot. Also, I expected the meme journals to be high, but I kind of expected them to top [community profile] scans_daily. Apparently not! Well, good on you all for being our most popular destination. :)
24.02.2012 08:54 am (UTC)

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derpsawk: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] derpsawk
Nobody is going to do this stuff you're hypothesizing- there's no "limits to push" or any "subjective rule". This has 0% to do with the Strikethrough and bringing it up shows me that you're really not understanding my point. The Strikethrough was an overzealous and hasty rush to preserve a glossy image of wholesomeness, according to a group who made completely false claims about LJ's content. LJ didn't use discretion, it just deleted things at random.

Why are you making this into a moral debate? If you see someone being beaten in the street, you don't tell yourself ten reasons why that has to be allowed or that it's not up to you because you're not an "arbiter", you just stop them.

I'm only talking about one specific thing, which is right there, staring you in the face SAYING it is promoting negativity. That is its intention, that's what it was made for. It is a Hate Meme made to spread hatred about other users. If you were to ban that account right now, it's not going to summon some great roiling serpent of indignant protest. It's you saying that DW is not going to allow the site to be used for that specific reason.

I wouldn't push for you to understand if it wasn't something that really needs to be stopped. It's had a very poisonous and adverse effect on so many people in roleplay, and even tends to extend far beyond that, as I said, into very personal territory. People know that they can get away with saying whatever they want on these things. I'm not asking you to police it all the time. But if someone sends you a message pointing out that a new one has sprung up, and you shut it down, it sends a good message toward people who are trying to use your site for something so disgustingly unnecessary. Allowing it sends no message either way; it only tells them that they can keep this up as long as they want and you won't tell them off about it.

Again, this is not a "slippery slope" or moral/social politics. It's something promoting hatred, right there! It's spelling it out for you! There is nothing vague about the intentions behind it. It is exactly what it says on the tin, and I am telling you this as a concerned user who has seen the cancerous effects it had on people over on LJ.