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meritocracy is not the problem (Reply)

11.05.2012 11:19 pm (UTC)

meritocracy is not the problem

Posted by [identity profile] https://me.yahoo.com/a/NgO6flxx0ZboB7dfDM12BDmiGuHRv47U#a7c01
meritocracy is not the problem, and to be honest, a world that coddles the mediocre and tells them they're good enough the way they are isn't any more appealing than the one you set forth.

the two real problems with meritocracy are
1) the fear of not measuring up - this is not something to be feared, no one comes out perfect, not even linus as you so aptly demonstrate. not measuring up in a particular area just means you have something to work on and improve. this really comes down to fact that people don't always receive criticism well, which leads into...
2) the way criticism is doled out - there are good ways and bad ways to offer criticism. if one offers it in a bad way then one is deserving of criticism and in that way you are applying meritocracy to linus.

the ideal of meritocracy is a good ideal, but the practice is not always performed very well.
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