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meritocracy is in fact the problem (Reply)

11.05.2012 11:53 pm (UTC)

meritocracy is in fact the problem

dreamatdrew: (Ragabash)
Posted by [personal profile] dreamatdrew
Because if anyone bothers to point out to Linus "Hey, you're being an ass, and you could REALLY have handled that better", they are browbeaten for talking bad about "Our Glorious Leader" or just ignored. And the odds that Linus is going to listen to anyone on any subject involving code at this point are next to nil, because he has an army of people lined up to shove their noses up his rear end tell him that he is great and wonderful and perfect.

To quote the man himself, "The truth shouldn't be sugarcoated". What he neglects to think about, however, is that one does not need to coat said truth in ground glass either.
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