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Re: meritocracy is not the problem (Reply)

12.05.2012 12:07 am (UTC)

Re: meritocracy is not the problem

deborah: The management regrets that it was unable to find a Gnomic Utterance that was suitably irrelevant. (gnomic)
Posted by [personal profile] deborah
Meritocracy is not about not coddling the mediocre; the idea that our real world meritocracies are based on merit is a myth, in open source as much as elsewhere.

As Mark point out above, "merit" here is defined as "72-column line lengths" -- in other words, it's defining merit as "conformance to community standards as agreed upon by a small group of people who -- it is clear from that thread -- don't like Junior coming in to play with their toys". That's not merit.
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