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Re: meritocracy is in fact the problem (Reply)

12.05.2012 06:04 am (UTC)

Re: meritocracy is in fact the problem

vass: a man in a bat suit says "I am a model of mental health!" (Bats)
Posted by [personal profile] vass
Which is more desirable to you?
a. We identify and nurture everyone's unique abilities, not just those of an elite. We also identify the skills most people could learn, and teach them to as many people as possible. More and more people become more and more skilled, creating a society in which more and more good work gets done.
b. We identify the best people, and give all the work to them. Because they're very able, they get a lot of work done. They are treated as gods for being able to do what no one else can do. They are hugely stressed because their workload is inhuman. This makes them resent the people who don't do the work even more, and they treat them with more and more scorn. Only the very thickest-skinned people are willing to push through the scorn to learn new skills, so the new elite is less about merit than about thick skins.

(By the way, confidential to [staff profile] mark: I had to open a text file to type this comment, because your comment box cuts off way before the line wrap, I presume because I use a nebook, so I couldn't see what I was typing.)
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