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3 Thumbs Up from Me! (Reply)

26.12.2016 10:42 pm (UTC)

3 Thumbs Up from Me!

Posted by [personal profile] jazzyjj
My Mac's battery is running low, but I'll try to be brief here. This post really got me thinking about something. Long story short, this exact thing seems to be happening to a large extent throughout the blindness community. I use the term "community" loosely here. I honestly think the reason for this has to do with a lot of peoples' comfort level at the mere fact of being blind/visually impaired. I could honestly write all night about this, but I won't because my charger is in my apartment and I'm not currently in my apartment. But needless to say, I totally agree with this post. It's a crying shame that people of differing abilities are being treated like this. Long live Dreamwidth!

I'm editing this reply now that I'm back in the pad. The primary reason I chose to create a journal on Dreamwidth was the accessibility of your platform with Apple's on-board screen reader on the Mac. But I have also found everybody to be responsive and mature here. My primary motivation for posting a comment here in the first place was something that has been happening over on AppleVis, a website for discussion of Apple's screen reader and screen magnification. There's a link to AppleVis over at my journal, for those interested in taking a gander at the site. It seems that for whatever reason, nobody is responding to my queries over there anymore. I suspect this is in part due to what I previously mentioned here, i.e., the comfort level of a lot of people with low or no vision. Please note I'm purposely not including myself when I say that. I was born blind, and have always had a very supportive network of family and friends. But I think the other part of this has to do with a certain user over there who constantly makes spelling and grammar errors, and thinks absolutely nothing of it. I've been on Dw since 2014, and I've yet to see a single error like this. So it appears that you not only take all the administrative stuff very seriously, but you also let very few if any spelling and/or grammar errors slip through the cracks. Don't get me wrong: I'm fine with one or two mistakes like this here and there, but repeated instances of it are not okay.
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