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Portland, OSCON, etc (Reply)

[staff profile] mark
I don't have a lot of energy left in my right thumb to type at the moment, but ... I'm back. It was a fantastic trip. I was really sad to leave.

There is, in my heart, a warm and fuzzy place that wishes and hopes for Dreamwidth to get to the point where we can do this sort of thing regularly. Also to be able to really hire people, have an office, and work on awesome stuff together in that sort of concentrated, high bandwidth way. Making something awesome for people to use is just so satisfying and wonderful.

One day, Internet, one day...

As it is, though, it was great. It was good to meet new people I haven't met in person, see some old faces, and sit and hack. Plus attend the conference, heh, although honestly that was a smaller part of the whole thing for me. It was mostly about getting Dreamwidth people together and hacking.

I'm full of warm proud fuzzies.
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