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dev server contortions

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Running both the staging server and the other DWS Coalition sites (informational sites) on the same server involves a bit of strange gyrations that don't exactly feel great. Anyway, the development server is currently setup like this:

Apache 2 is listening to external:80 only. Multiple vhosts are setup, one for each site. That allows the various sites to have their hosting all handled from this Apache 2 process. A vhost is setup for stage.dreamwidth.org that has a simple reverse proxy pointed at an Apache 1.x instance running the DW code.  Anyway, the whole thing is kinda janky, but it works for now.

That's all well and good.  Perlbal would do this whole thing "better", but we don't need to use it just yet.  Might as well hold off on using it until we really need to.  At that point we will have separate servers for the various sites, which will work out better for everybody involved.  :)