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18.02.2019 07:28 am

[personal profile] sovay has a way with words

rydra_wong: The display board of a train reads "this train is fucked". (this train is fucked)
[personal profile] rydra_wong in [community profile] metaquotes
I believe we were on Walnut Street over the commuter rail tracks when Rob said something about our government and I said, "Yeah, well, Mitch McConnell ripped his own spine out from between his shoulder blades three years ago and laid it at the feet of the neo-Nazis to use as a bridge, so I don't really care what he thinks."

Context is fuelled by barbecued meats and tiki drinks.
[personal profile] conuly in [community profile] metaquotes
"Honey, I'm home! I was invalided home from the war! Good news is I still have nearly all of my limbs!"

"Darling! How unexpected!"

"...what is Jimmy doing here? And why is he wearing a pair of knickers on his head? Knickers with...my regimental crest?"

Context doesn't really make more sense, but does it have to?