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16.02.2009 05:54 pm


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Okay, so I've spent a few hours today messing around with our Perlbal configuration so I can get it working with a static domain (s.dreamwidth.org) as well as with the $LJ::CONCAT_RES option.  I've finally managed to get it all working.  I ran into a few problems along the way and broke the site a few times, ended up having to revert everything to figure out why it was broken.  But I got it.

The net result is a rather large perlbal config file.  But now it works, and we should have some better performance out of the site.  (Not that performance is a problem right now, but it's preparatory for when we have more users.)

Update: Janine has discovered a flaw in this plan!  Nav strip is wonky because it uses a -local.css file that we don't have, which causes Perlbal to go "oh noes!" and kick the whole thing in the nads.  On it.
As the subject says: I am amazed daily at the progress everybody is making on Dreamwidth.  Between the people working on documentation, the S2 team, the accessibility group, other developers, and everything else...

Damn, it's really coming together.

I didn't have doubts, per se, but I don't think I would have ever imagined it start going in such a good direction so quickly.  Sure, maybe I'm doing some counting of unhatched little birdies, but still.  The excitement is palpable, the progress is downright phenomenal, and we're really doing this oh my god.

This whole thing has always been a twinkle, an idea, and it's starting to snowball into something with form.  A reality.  What it is.  I can't even really describe it.  Suffice it to say that I am so incredibly happy about what we're managing to create.  Happy and proud, of everybody who is helping to make this happen, and of the community that is starting to pull together to make it work.

There's certainly a lot left to do.  A helluva lot.  But we're going to make it.  Something to be proud of.